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Omron Counters

At Flextech Industrial Supplies, we supplies all types of OMRON Counters. OMRON provides Preset Counters, Totalizing Counters, Time Counters and Electromagnetic Counters.

What Is a Omron Counter/Timer?

Omron Counter/Timer is a device that counts the number of objects or the number of operations. It is called a Counter because it counts the number of ON/OFF signals input from an input device, such as a switch or sensor.
It is fairly simple for people to count ten or twenty objects, but larger numbers make counting increasingly difficult. Counters outperform people when it comes to counting accurately.

What Is a Preset Counter?

A Preset Counter counts until the present value reaches a
preset value, and then it activates a control output to operate
an output device.
The term preset in Preset Counter means that you can set a
value in advance

What Is a Total Counter?

A Total Counter does not output a control signal. It only
displays the present value.
A Total Counter is often used when you only have to display
a production count, for example.

Usage of Omron Counters


Preset Counters turn ON/OFF control outputs when the present value reach the preset value. Easy-to-read LCD/LED displays are provided. Preset Counters with tachometer functions are also available.

Total / Time Counters

Totalizing Counters display the number of count inputs and Time Counters display the measured operating time. Large easy-to-read displays are provided. Compact Tachometers are also available.


Model H8BM-R multi-maintenance counter/timer provides up to 9 accumulative counters or timers for machine tool maintenance.

Omron Counters Lineup

Omron Counters H7CC Series Digital Counter

H7CC Series Digital Counter/Tachometer

H7CC offers an upgraded version of the most complete series of counters on the market today. These OMRON counters have an optimized user interface for reduced programing time and improved display for faster perception at longer distance in addition to an integrated end of service life warning system.

Omron Counters H7CX-N Digital Standard Counter

H7CX-N Digital Standard Counter

Omron Counter H7CX offers you the most complete series of products on the market today. Based on extensive customer research, these OMRON counters have been designed with added-value features that users both need and appreciate.

Omron Counters H7BX Multifunction Counter

H7BX Multifunction Counter

H7BX with the backlit LCD gives a excellent display view. The main display PV has a height of 13.5mm and SV has a height of 9.5mm. It can be green or red and it can be programmed to change if a specific value is reached. All basic counters functions are covered with many different output modes. Easy setup by dip-switches for the basic functions.

Omron Counters H7EC Series Count Totalizer

H7EC Series Count Totalizer

The Omron Counter H7EC series of totalizers have a 8.6mm character height large display. The H7EC serires includes models with backlight for improved visibility in dimly lit places.

Omron Counters H7ET Series Time Totalizer

H7ET Series Time Totalizer

The H7ET series is available with large 8.6mm character height display. It includes models with backlight for improved visibility in dimly lit places. The H7ET Series includes total time counters.

Omron Counters H7HP Total Counter

H7HP Total Counter / Time Counter

The H7HP has a large, easy-to-read display: 15mm-high characters for 6-digit models or 12mm-high characters for 8-digit models. It features a high-visibility, negative transmissive LCD display with built-in red LED backlight with low power consumption. It has a compact (66mm) body.

Omron Counters H8PS Cam Positioner

H8PS Cam Positioner

The H8PS provides high-speed operation at 1,600 r/min and high-precision settings to 0.5° ensuring widespread application. H8PS features a highly visible display with back-lit negative transmissive LCD. Advance angle compensation function compensates for output delays.

Omron Counters H7ER Series Tachometer

H7ER Series Tachometer

The H7ER series is available with a large 8.6mm character height display. It includes models with backlights for improved visibility in dimly lit places. The H7ER series RPM gauge digital tachometer displays revolutions up to five digits.

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