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Keyence Programmable Logic Controller

Keyence Programmable Logic Controller

KV Nano can solve all control issues of small to medium size PLCs!

Neither of “small” size or “medium/large” size
New concept PLC with the same ease of use and additional support for applications

New connector type has been added to the Keyence Programmable Logic Controller KV Nano Series!

Packed with the same functionality and performance of modular PLCs, the new Keyence Programmable Logic Controller KV Nano Series supports logging, sensor networking, and PLC Link.
It offers wider range of selection as a PLC aiming for one level higher control.

As the requests for equipment become higher level, PLCs must be tough and reliable to achieve such requests. The Keyence Programmable Logic Controller KV Nano Series has been designed based on the voices from the field to back up the use in various equipment environments.

Features of Keyence Programmable Logic Controller KV Nano series

Program-less communication with sensors and remote I/O

Affinity between devices is possible because they are made by the same manufacturer.
Enables program-less communication over EtherNet/IP™ with KEYENCE sensors and remote I/O. The ability to connect to a wide variety of sensors leads to more applications, which results in improved accumulation of information, visibility, and productivity at production sites.

  • Program communication that only requires a connected LAN cable
  • Over 200 types of sensors are supported

Logging/trace function

A logging function is built in.
You can start logging by just setting the logging device and trigger timing with the special wizard and writing ladder programmes to start and stop logging.
Setting complete in just two steps.

Enables simple and advanced motor control

A high-speed positioning function is built in.
We have realised a high-speed positioning starting time of 50 μs to fully support devices that require high-speed performance. The high-speed performance of the CPU is used to obtain improvements in processing time.

  • Positioning function for 4 axes maximum
  • Quick starting in 50 μs

KV Nano Applications

Eight application proposals offered with the Keyence Programmable Logic Controller KV Nano Series.
Packed with the functionality which was available only with modular PLCs, the KV Nano Series allows various kinds of control.
Get the picture of its performance that goes beyond the range of small size PLCs.

1. Transfer machine, conveyor, loader, alignment

  • We want to implement positioning of multiple axes easily.
  • We’d like fast and accurate operation to improve tact time.

2. Feeder, machining equipment, checker

  • We want to count workpieces which are fed/ejected at high speed.
  • We want angle control of an index table without using additional

3. Labeler, sealer, cutter, sorter

  • We want to eliminate improper positioning in a labeler/cutter.
  • We want to improve tact time.

4. Inspection machine, measuring instrument, endurance test machine

  • We’d like to log inspection results and operating status, but the
    preparation of peripheral devices is costly.
  • We want a PLC which can still be used when a traceability system
    is implemented in the future.

5. Inspection machine, prototype, development machine

  • We want to easily load data measured with sensors into a PLC
  • We want to prevent values from being skipped due to analogue
    value fluctuations or cable disconnection.

6. Production line from upstream to downstream

  • We’d like to exchange data in a production line of various different
    devices, but the preparation and setting is tedious and complicated.
  • We want to establish a consistent network in view of building a
    traceability system in the future.

7. Moulding machine, mixer, small-scale plant

  • We want to load measured values from multiple temperature
  • We want to add a PLC to the current facility where HMIs of various
    manufacturers have been installed.

8. Baking furnace, high-frequency hardening machine

  • Since we need multiple channels for analogue data such as temperature
    and flow rate, we must use a large size PLC but it requires much space.
  • We must create calculation programmes before loading data,
    which is extremely complicated when multiple channels are used.

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