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Mitsubishi Inverters

The best choice for a complete range of applications.

Mitsubishi Inverters are variable frequency power supply units which can change the rotation speed of the three-phase induction motors easily and flexibly.
High-performance and environmentally friendly inverter compliant with global standards.
An extensive range of models are available according to application.

Mitsubishi Inverters Main Features

Energy saving
Compared to commercial power supply operation, significant energy savings can be gained by decreasing the rotation speed.
Inverter models that support the following motors are available.

  • General-purpose motor with IE3 premium efficiency (SF-PR)
  • IPM motor equivalent to IE4 super premium efficiency (MM-EFS)


Equipment maintenance
Equipment downtime will be reduced by using the predictive/preventive maintenance functions for inverters and peripheral devices, as well as using the inverter’s diagnosis function.

  • Life diagnosis function
    The remaining life can be estimated for parts such as the main circuit capacitor, control circuit capacitor, and inrush current limit circuit by checking the deterioration.
  • Load characteristics fault detection function / output current detection function
    When a mechanical fault occurs during conveyor/fan/pump operation, the inverter outputs a warning or shuts off the output to prevent system damage
  • Maintenance timer / start count monitor
    Monitoring the operating hours contributes to preventive maintenance.


Real-time connection with the host IT system enables centralized or remote monitoring of operation, which further streamlines the production.

  • CC-Link IE TSN
    Real-time production data collection is enabled by high-speed, stable communication.
  • Multi-protocols supported
    Multi-protocol inverters and communication options are available to support major global industrial Ethernet/field networks, achieving greater flexibility and facilitating maintenance and technical support.



Types of Mitsubishi Inverters

Mitsubishi Inverters FR-A series

FR-A series

High performance and high quality new inverter of the highest level.

The Mitsubishi Inverters FR-A series offer the best drive performance in the FR series. The enhanced Real sensorless vector control and vector control serve the needs of all machinery types.

Mitsubishi Inverters FR-A800 Plus series

FR-A800 Plus series

Dedicated inverter for specialized fields FR-A800 Plus series.

The optimum functions for each dedicated field are added to the already high performance and high functionality of FR-A800 series inverter.

Mitsubishi Inverters FR-F series

FR-F series

Inverter for fans, pumps, and air conditioning FR-F series.

In addition to various energy saving functions, functions ideal for fans and pumps are also equipped.The inverter provide the solution to your further energy saving needs.

Mitsubishi Inverters FR-E series

FR-E series

Simple, powerful, and compact inverter FR-E series.

Offers remarkable usability and top level driving performance! All-rounder in a compact body.

Mitsubishi Inverters FR-D series

FR-D series

Easy and compact inverter FR-D series.

Easy and compact, Mitsubishi’s standard.
This is Mitsubishi’s new standard.

Mitsubishi Inverters FR-CS series

FR-CS series

Various Functions in a Small Body Compact and Smart Inverter.

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