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Allen-Bradley Inverters Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Looking for a way to simplify machine design while improving system performance? Allen-Bradley Inverters PowerFlex® VFD or DC drive that handles both low voltage and medium voltage applications. With a comprehensive range of power options and innovative features, the Allen-Bradley Inverters PowerFlex VFD portfolio can bring performance and capability to a wide variety of industries and applications.

Find out how you can:

  • Reduce the energy efficiency of your drive
  • Increase productivity with a PowerFlex VFD
  • Increase throughput, uptime, energy savings

Industry 4.0 | Smart VFD Technology

Get predictive analytics, adaptive control and so much more

Allen-Bradley Inverters PowerFlex variable frequency drives with TotalFORCE technology offer high-performance motor control, advanced self-monitoring capabilities and real-time operational system data. Customers leverage this smart technology to help:

  • Increase productivity
  • Boost equipment uptime
  • Improve energy and maintenance savings

Whatever your industry or application, low voltage and medium voltage PowerFlex VFDs can help meet your production and operational efficiency goals.


Increase Productivity with Smart Variable Frequency Drives

Turn your manufacturing line into a strategic advantage

Often the workhorses of your operations, Allen-Bradley VFD PowerFlex deliver the power you need to drive optimal productivity and provide the real-time information to let your teams make fast decisions to stay up and running.

Unlike other VFDs in the market, PowerFlex variable frequency drives with TotalFORCE technology can:

  • Reduce start-up time with automatic drive tuning and adaptive control that automatically adapts to operating conditions and adjusts to maintain production
  • Predict internal component life, monitor attached assets and provide advanced notification to reduce unplanned downtime
  • Prevent production waste with advanced information to reduce unplanned shutdown events
  • Provide a layer of defense against the effects of corrosion with XT corrosive gas protection


Reduce Equipment Downtime with Predictive Maintenance

Allen-Bradley Inverters PowerFlex VFDs with TotalFORCE technology offer a proactive uptime approach

With the right information about the health of your system, you can reduce downtime, maintenance and spare parts costs and mechanical wear.

Operators are notified of issues that can compromise VFDs or motor health, such as overheating, blown fuses or component runtime hours. With predictive analytics data, you can take action and control your shutdown, repairing or replacing equipment during scheduled downtime.

Increase equipment uptime with real-time data:

  • Modeling the equipment’s expected outputs
  • Receiving notifications over a secure Ethernet network when drive components reach a preset stage of predicted life
  • Receiving motor control performance data in real time – continuously monitoring system health
  • Setting analytic models to measure ambient temperature, equipment speed or other characteristics

Low Voltage VFD

Our flexible PowerFlex® VFD helps to keep you connected to your operations and improve productivity. This VFD  family offers a broad range of control modes, features, options, packaging, global voltages, and power ratings. These drives are ideal for applications that require speed, torque, and/or position control in a variety of industries.

Allen-Bradley Inverters Standard VFD

Standard VFD

A PowerFlex® low voltage variable frequency drive is designed to deliver greater production output, uptime and energy savings, as well as increasing productivity. This VFD offers flexible, high performance motor control solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. A PowerFlex low voltage drive can be applied throughout your plant from traditional applications to more advanced motor control.

Allen-Bradley Inverters Compact VFD

Compact VFD

Designed for ease of use, our PowerFlex® compact VFD can help you optimize your panel space and application versatility. This variable frequency drive provides an innovative, modular design that supports fast and easy installation and configuration. A compact class drive delivers a simple and cost-effective solution for standalone machine-level control applications or simple system integration.

Allen-Bradley Inverters On Machine Drives

On-Machine Drives

Looking for a drive that meets your most demanding applications? An Armor™ PowerFlex® VFD On-Machine™ drive system provides an integrated near-motor, pre-engineered solution that is  designed for harsh environments.

Medium Voltage VFD

Utility, oil, gas, mining and other demanding industries rely on PowerFlex® medium voltage variable frequency drives to control large industrial motors – keeping operations running 24 hours a day. The PowerFlex 6000 VFD offers real-time predictive analytics. The PowerFlex 7000 medium voltage drive offers special application motor control and power regeneration. Take a closer look to increase productivity, uptime and energy savings.

Allen-Bradley Inverters PowerFlex 6000 Medium Voltage VFD

 PowerFlex 6000 Medium Voltage VFD

PowerFlex® 6000 VFDs are engineered for new and retrofit, variable and constant torque, plus, high-speed applications up to 120 Hz. Industrial applications include fans, pumps, mills, conveyors and compressors that require variable speed motor control from 2.3…11 kV. PowerFlex 6000T variable frequency drives also feature TotalFORCE® technology to help increase productivity, energy savings, quality and uptime.

Allen-Bradley Inverters  PowerFlex 7000 Medium Voltage VFD

 PowerFlex 7000 Medium Voltage VFD

PowerFlex® 7000 medium voltage drives have air- or liquid-cooled options available in a broad 150…25,350 kW (200…34,000 Hp) power range, rated 2.4…6.6 kV. These standalone drives control speed, torque, direction, starting and stopping of standard asynchronous or synchronous AC motors. The efficient VFD design provides increased reliability, less downtime and fewer spare parts.

Allen-Bradley Inverters   PowerFlex 7000 Drive System with ArcShield Technology

 PowerFlex 7000 Drive System with ArcShield Technology

The PowerFlex® 7000 VFD with ArcShield™ technology is the first arc-resistant medium voltage drive with full regeneration capabilities. The arc-resistant design is certified to meet global safety standards. The system provides an arc fault rating up to 50 kA and meets Type 2B accessibility protection standards. The PowerFlex 7000 VFD delivers a new level of AC motor speed control safety.

PowerFlex DC Drives

Allen-Bradley Inverters PowerFlex 6000 Medium Voltage VFD

PowerFlex DC Drives

Allen‑Bradley DC drives solutions can meet the needs of a wide range of demanding applications. PowerFlex DC drives deliver highly functional, cost-effective drive and control solutions. They are easily configured for most applications. They are designed for DC motor applications and retrofits up to 6000 Hp / 4000 kW. These stand-alone regulators and field controllers are designed for demanding stand-alone, coordinated drive control and drive system applications.

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