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Omron Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Revolutionizing Industrial Automation: OMRON Programmable Logic Controllers

Omron Programmable Logic Controllers, along with easy-to-use Support Software, are available to flexibly handle applications from small-scale equipment to entire production lines with OMRON Programmable Logic Controllers such as those in the CJ1, CS1 and other series.

In the dynamic landscape of industrial automation, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency, precision, and control. Among the leading providers in this space, OMRON stands out as a trusted name, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation to deliver cutting-edge PLC solutions.


Omron Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) NX7

Motion, Logic, Safety, Vision and HMI in one


Omron Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) NX1

Improves production efficiency while optimizing information, safety, and quality


Omron Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) NX1P

Advanced motion control and networks for onsite IoT in a compact entry model


Omron Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) NJ

Motion, Logic, Safety, Vision and HMI in one


Omron Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) CP

Built-in Ethernet communication function and 4-axis positioning function to achieve high cost performance. Micro PLC ideal for controlling compact machine


Omron Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) CJ1

The CJ1 Series of small Programmable Controllers provide all the functions required for everything from machine control to process control in a backplane-free structure that enables flexible system configuration.


Omron Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) CJ2

Enhanced performance and functionality over the CJ1. A Programmable Controller that inherits all the features of the CJ1.


Omron Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) CS1

The CS1 medium-sided building-block PLCs can be configured from a wide array of CPU Units, Special I/O Units, and CPU Bus Units. It handles everything from machine control to process control.

Enclosures for Protecting Your Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

We’ve talked about how tough PLCs are, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need protection. On the contrary, a busy industrial workplace poses many hazards to critical equipment like PLCs. Managers need to ensure that their facilities are using the appropriate electrical enclosures to protect control systems.

Common features that designers look for when specifying an enclosure for a PLC include:

  • Ability to add DIN rails and mounting panels inside the enclosure for easy PLC mounting
  • NEMA rated enclosures or IP rated enclosures to protect against common hazards of an industrial workplace
  • Rugged construction using materials like polycarbonate, ABS, steel or aluminum
  • Protection against EMI and RFI
  • Mounting flanges if intended for use as a surface mount electrical box
  • UL tested to ensure strict compliance with all IP and NEMA enclosure ratings

Key Features of OMRON PLCs
OMRON PLCs boast an impressive array of features that cater to the diverse needs of industries relying on automation. These features include high-speed processing, extensive input/output capabilities, and a user-friendly programming interface. The flexibility of OMRON PLCs allows them to adapt seamlessly to different applications, making them a versatile choice for industries ranging from automotive manufacturing to pharmaceuticals.


Enhanced Precision through Programming Capabilities
One of the distinguishing factors of OMRON PLCs is their powerful programming capabilities. Supporting multiple programming languages, including ladder logic and function block diagram, OMRON PLCs provide engineers and operators with the flexibility to create intricate control algorithms tailored to specific industrial processes. This adaptability ensures precision in automation, a crucial aspect for industries requiring tight control over production variables.


Applications Across Industries
The adaptability of OMRON PLCs finds resonance in various industries. From controlling conveyor systems on manufacturing lines to regulating temperature and pressure in chemical processes, OMRON PLCs serve as the backbone of automation solutions. The reliability and robustness of these controllers make them indispensable for applications demanding continuous and precise operation.


Connectivity and Networking Capabilities
In the era of Industry 4.0, connectivity is paramount. OMRON PLCs are designed with comprehensive communication protocols, such as Modbus and Ethernet/IP, enabling seamless integration into interconnected industrial networks. This connectivity facilitates real-time data exchange between PLCs and other devices, paving the way for smarter, more responsive automation systems.


Safety and Reliability Redefined
OMRON prioritizes safety in automation. Their PLCs come equipped with built-in safety features, ensuring secure operation and minimizing the risk of malfunctions or accidents. The reliability of OMRON PLCs is a testament to their robust design, providing industries with the assurance of continuous and dependable performance even in challenging environments.


Unparalleled Support and Training Resources
For users of OMRON PLCs, the journey doesn’t end with the purchase of the product. OMRON is committed to customer success, offering extensive training resources and documentation. Whether it’s getting started with programming or troubleshooting, users have access to a wealth of information that empowers them to harness the full potential of OMRON PLCs.

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