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Mitsubishi Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) GOT

Mitsubishi Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Empowering Industries with Mitsubishi Human Machine Interfaces: A Technological Marvel Unveiled

Mitsubishi Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) GOT sets global standards in design and technology A wide variety of lineup meets the needs of production sites. The GOT boasts advanced functionality, acts as a seamless gateway to other industrial automation devices, all while increasing productivity and efficiency.

In the realm of industrial automation, Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) serve as the gateway between operators and machines, facilitating seamless interaction and control. Mitsubishi, a stalwart in technology and innovation, introduces a revolutionary suite of Human Machine Interfaces that redefines the user experience in industrial settings.

About GOT

GOT is the abbreviation of “Graphic Operation Terminal”.
Switches and lamps had been conventionally attached to an operation panel as hardware. However, by using the screen design software, those can be created, and displayed and operated on the monitor screen of the GOT, the touch-panel HMI.

Designed to meet your industrial automation needs

  • Innovative display features in simply designed body
  • Enhanced lineup with open frame models
  • GOT Mobile & GOT Drive expand possibilities of factory systems


Advantages of the GOT

Downsizing the operation panel
Since switches and lamps are created using software, the number of components attached to the operation panel as hardware can be reduced and the panel itself can be downsized.

Cutting costs for wiring
Wiring between components inside the operation panel is replaced with screen design by software, eliminating the need for the wiring, which requires a large amount of time and cost.

Standardizing operation panels
Even though required specifications changes, you just need to change settings using software. Therefore, operation panels can be standardized.

Adding extra values as an HMI (Human Machine Interface)
The GOT can easily display graphics, text, and alarms in addition to switches and lamps. Therefore, the extra value of your entire equipment can be improved.

Mitsubishi GOT2000 Series

The GOT2000 series offers increased performance and a number of innovative developments. The full lineup with 20 models from 4 sizes.

Mitsubishi GOT Simple Series

The GOT Simple series offers simple, but powerful models with a high reliability for easy operation.

GS21 Model

Mitsubishi GT SoftGOT

GT SoftGOT is a HMI software that allows GOT functions to be performed on a personal computer or panel computer.

GT SoftGOT2000

Mitsubishi Human Machine Interfaces: A Pinnacle of Technological Innovation
Mitsubishi’s Human Machine Interfaces are at the forefront of technological innovation, offering a harmonious blend of user-friendly interfaces and cutting-edge features. These interfaces act as the central nervous system, connecting operators to the machines and systems they control, ensuring optimal performance and operational efficiency.


Key Features Redefining User Interaction
Mitsubishi Human Machine Interfaces come loaded with a host of features designed to elevate the user experience to unprecedented levels. Intuitive touchscreens, high-resolution displays, and customizable interfaces are just a glimpse of the capabilities that set Mitsubishi HMIs apart. These interfaces provide operators with a user-friendly environment, minimizing the learning curve and maximizing efficiency.


Precision Control at Your Fingertips: Mitsubishi HMI Programming Capabilities
A standout feature of Mitsubishi Human Machine Interfaces lies in their robust programming capabilities. Supporting various programming languages, including GX Works3 and GT Works3, Mitsubishi HMIs empower users to create intricate and customized interfaces tailored to specific industrial processes. This flexibility ensures precision control, a vital element in industries where accuracy is paramount.


Applications Across Industries
Mitsubishi Human Machine Interfaces find application across diverse industries, from manufacturing and automotive to energy and beyond. Whether it’s monitoring and controlling production lines or managing complex processes in a chemical plant, Mitsubishi HMIs provide a cohesive platform for operators to interact with and oversee critical operations.


Connectivity Unleashed: Mitsubishi HMI Networking Capabilities
In the era of Industry 4.0, connectivity is the cornerstone of advanced industrial systems. Mitsubishi Human Machine Interfaces are designed with comprehensive communication protocols, including Ethernet and serial communication options. This connectivity allows seamless integration into interconnected industrial networks, facilitating real-time data exchange and enabling smarter, more responsive industrial environments.


Safety and Reliability Redefined
Safety is a paramount concern in industrial settings, and Mitsubishi HMIs prioritize this aspect with advanced safety features. These interfaces are designed to withstand challenging environments, ensuring reliable operation even in harsh conditions. The robust build of Mitsubishi Human Machine Interfaces contributes to their longevity, making them a trusted choice for industries requiring sustained and dependable performance.


Comprehensive Support and Training Resources
Mitsubishi goes beyond delivering state-of-the-art products; they are committed to ensuring their users can harness the full potential of their Human Machine Interfaces. Users have access to extensive training resources and documentation, empowering them to navigate the programming intricacies and derive maximum value from their Mitsubishi HMI investments.

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