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Omron Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Navigating Precision: The Power of Omron Human Machine Interfaces in Industrial Automation”

As a global supplier of OMRON Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) solutions and high-reliability industrial touch screen technology for over 12 years, Omron has supplied more than 500,000 pieces of HMI through more than 200 world-wide sales and support offices each offering after-sales support, service and training in the local language.

In the dynamic landscape of industrial automation, Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) play a critical role in bridging the gap between human operators and complex automated systems. Omron, a trailblazer in innovative automation solutions, introduces an unparalleled suite of Human Machine Interfaces designed to elevate user experience, precision control, and operational efficiency in industrial settings.

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The wide range of NT- and NS-series HMIs suits most applications.

Omron Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

NS5, NS8, NS10, NS12

NS series Advanced Touch Screens

The Omron Human Machine Interfaces CX-Designer is used to create screen data for NS-series Programmable Terminals. The CX-Designer can also be used to test
the operation of the created screen data on the computer.

Screen Creation
Develop Screens More Efficiently with Easy-to-use Support Software.
The Omron Human Machine Interfaces CX-Designer has about 1,000 standard functional objects with
associated graphics and advanced functions, so even first-time users
can create screens easily just by arranging functional objects in a

The Omron Human Machine Interfaces CX-Designer is also equipped with a variety of functions that make
it easy to create screens for common applications. Screen
development is very efficient with the CX-Designer.

Screen templates
Make one common screen (sheet) that overlaps other screens (to save
having to recreate the same part, such as a menu, in every screen).
A feature that is common to several screens can be registered in a
sheet. The common feature can be added to any screen just by
applying the corresponding sheet to the screen. (Up to 10 sheets can
be created for one project.)


NT series Touch Screen

Cost effective touch screen terminals to
replace function key units and increase the
flexibility and operation.


NT series Function Key screens

The NT11, the Slim, Low Cost Operation
Terminal that Stands Up Well to Harsh
• Long-lived Backight
• Simplified Ladder Programming
• Password Screens
• Conforms to NEMA4 and IP65


NT-XS series Touch Screen

• 4.1“ monochrome STN LCD with LED backlight
(long lifetime)
• Maximum of two universal (RS232/485/422) serial
ports to connect multiple devices with different protocols at the same time
• Drivers for most PLCs, Inverters and Servo Controllers
• Multiple data entry objects per screen with individual
limit setting and math operations
• Support for floating point data
• Wizards for rapid application development of standard bitmapped objects
• Real-time and historical alarms (historical alarms in
RTC models only)
• Trend graph for defined tags (RTC models only)
• Saves recipes data in non-volatile memory
• Windows® based programming software NT-XS for
• IP65 design, CE / cULus Class 1Div. 2 certification


NT-XS series Function Key Screens

The NT2S series Terminals are designed
as a human machine interface for simple
control tasks. Their small dimensions and
low installation depths ensure that they
will fit into any machine.
Of the six NT2S types, four can be connected
directly to the peripheral port and two can be
connected to OMRON PLCs via an RS-232C
• Easy programming
• Small size and installation depth
• IP65 protection
• Real-time clock
• Printer connection
• Excellent value for money

Omron Human Machine Interfaces: Precision Redefined
Omron’s Human Machine Interfaces stand out as a pinnacle of precision and technological sophistication. These interfaces serve as the visual and tactile gateway for operators, providing a comprehensive platform to monitor, control, and optimize a myriad of industrial processes. Omron HMIs are not just interfaces; they are precision tools engineered to empower operators in their quest for efficient and reliable automation.


Intuitive Design for Seamless Interaction
At the core of Omron Human Machine Interfaces lies an intuitive design that prioritizes user experience. These interfaces are equipped with high-resolution touchscreens, customizable displays, and an interface designed for simplicity. This thoughtful design ensures that operators can navigate seamlessly, fostering quick and accurate decision-making in dynamic industrial environments. Omron HMIs transform complexity into simplicity, making precision control accessible to operators at all levels.


Programming Capabilities Tailored for Versatility
Omron Human Machine Interfaces are not just user-friendly; they are also versatile in their programming capabilities. Supporting various programming languages, including ladder logic and function block diagram, Omron HMIs empower operators to tailor interfaces precisely to the unique needs of their industrial processes. This adaptability positions Omron HMIs as the go-to solution for industries with diverse and evolving automation requirements.


Applications Across Industries
Omron Human Machine Interfaces find applications across a spectrum of industries, including automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. Whether it’s overseeing manufacturing lines, controlling robotic systems, or monitoring critical processes, Omron HMIs provide a unified platform for operators to visualize and control industrial operations with unparalleled precision. From the shop floor to the control room, Omron HMIs are catalysts for efficiency and productivity.


Connectivity for Smart Manufacturing: Omron HMI Networking Capabilities
In the era of Industry 4.0, connectivity is not just a feature; it’s a necessity for smart and responsive industrial systems. Omron Human Machine Interfaces are designed with advanced communication protocols, including Ethernet and serial communication options. This level of connectivity ensures seamless integration into interconnected industrial networks, enabling real-time data exchange and contributing to more intelligent and connected industrial environments. Omron HMIs are not just interfaces; they are enablers of the connected future.


Safety and Reliability at the Core of Omron HMIs
Safety is non-negotiable in industrial automation, and Omron HMIs prioritize this aspect with advanced safety features. Built to withstand demanding conditions, these interfaces ensure reliable operation in challenging environments. The robust construction of Omron Human Machine Interfaces underscores their longevity, making them a trusted choice for industries where consistent and dependable performance is paramount. With Omron HMIs, operators can trust in the reliability of their automation systems.


Comprehensive Support and Training Resources
Omron goes above and beyond in delivering not just products but a holistic user experience. Operators utilizing Omron Human Machine Interfaces have access to comprehensive training resources and documentation. This support system ensures that users can maximize the capabilities of Omron HMIs, from mastering programming intricacies to troubleshooting, enhancing the overall efficiency of industrial processes. Omron is not just a provider of interfaces; it is a partner in the journey towards automation excellence.

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